A new web series about trying to open up


On the first episode of Miss Misery, we're introduced to Amy, a lapsed musician, who buys new underwear to try to revive her DOA sex life with Jay, an uptight academic. Meanwhile, Amy’s best friend, the perpetually single Lee, matches with Amy's neighbour Sebastian on a dating app.




Set in Toronto, Miss Misery introduces us to Amy, an anxious, aimless millennial, her best friend Lee, a perennially single sellout, and Jay, Amy’s boyfriend, a failing academic, all privileged underachievers, all being forced to make the first real decisions of their lives. We follow them as they use the unlimited possibilities of modern dating - dating apps, poly options, open marriages - to hide from their real problems. 


Co-Creators / Jade Blair & Stephen Thomas
Produced by / Alison MacMillan & Jade Blair
Cinematography / Luke McCutcheon





Amy and Jay have been together for three years and hit a slump. Amy is running on grant money, barely. Jay is noodling through a graduate degree. They really need to talk. But you know what sounds a lot more fun? Having sex with other people.

Meanwhile Lee, Amy's best friend, proves that sex with randos isn't any easier. Lee's exhausted by the grind of Instagram upkeep and the management of a million half-baked Tinder and Bumble convos, falls for a guy who already has a girlfriend. Her solution? Just date harder.

This is where Miss Misery starts, and it goes just as badly as you would imagine. Awkward dates, confusing threesomes, miscommunication – it's misery.

Miss Misery is a sitcom-style web series of seven episodes that tells a full narrative arc from start to finish. 


Key Cast & Crew

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Jade Blair

Co-Creator, Producer, CAST (LEE)

Jade is a writer and filmmaker based in Toronto.

Her previous film experiences includes producing and writing the award-winning, CSA nominated documentary After the Last River. She has worked on numerous shorts and music videos. Jade was awarded a spot in LIFT's filmmentor program, and has a degree in Cultural Studies from McGill.

Her writing has appeared in Vice, Fashion, Hazlitt and the Establishment, amongst others. 

Jade also appears in Miss Misery as Lee, and as one half of One Ten productions, produced the series with Alison MacMillan.

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Stephen has lived all over the world and published over 100 short stories. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic online, McSweeney’s, Hazlitt, VICE, Toronto Star, Canadian Art, and many other places. He has degrees in cognitive science and creative writing and is a co-founder of Double Double Land. His 2016 book of short stories, The Jokes, was shortlisted for the Metatron Prize for Rising Authors of Contemporary Literature.

His essay, "The Legion Lonely," was Hazlitt’s most popular piece of 2017.

He’s been awarded a Truman Capote Scholarship, an Edward F. Albee Foundation Fellowship, and grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. 

Stephen appears in Miss Misery as Jay.


Aley Waterman

Cast (AMY), Music/Score, Writer

Aley is a writer, musician, and curator from Newfoundland.In Newfoundland she made an album with her band Galaa with a musicNL Sound album grant and taught English at Memorial University. She is a curator for Trampoline Hall, and most recently her writing has been featured through Metatron and the monthly showcase “Amazing New Stuff.” She is ever excited about creative collaboration, she loves Toronto, she loves swimming, she is open to the idea of open relationships but has never successfully been in one, yet. 

She is currently studying at U of T to get her Masters in Creative Writing


Alison MacMillan

Producer, Editor

Alison is a film editor and producer based in Toronto, Canada.

She has edited a few shorts including Fowl for LIFT’s Filmmentor program in 2016, and an episode of the anthology series Friendship.

She produced the CBC short documentary Billsville, which screened at the International Festival of Films on Art, the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, among other festivals. Alison has also worked in a number of TV editorial departments, and as VFX coordinator on the show The Expanse.




Aliya Pabani
(Cast, Nadia)

Aliya Pabani is a Toronto-based artist, podcaster and writer. She hosted and co-produced Canadaland's arts and culture podcast, The Imposter, which was named one of the best podcasts of 2017 on CBC’s Podcast Playlist, and the AV Club's Ben Cannon called it "one of the finest, most compulsively listenable shows in the world of podcasts today." She recently produced a doc about the difficulty of translating a spoken language into a gestural one for BBC 4's Short Cuts. She's exhibited and performed in Canada and internationally, and has received grants from both the Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council.



Austin is an actor and freelance model working the in the creative industry.

He’s appeared in tv shows, music videos and commercials.


Konstantina Mantelos (Chloe)

Konstantina Mantelos is a Toronto-based actress. She is also a writer and producer with the film production company, Spinning Top Pictures, which she co-founded with partner Douglas Gibbens. The company aims to create enriching and emotionally fulfilling narratives, and for Konstantina, it is a venue through which she can tell unique stories of complex, multi-faceted women on-screen. The company's debut film Lakesong, features a score by acclaimed Hollywood composer Danny Elfman, and premiered at the LA Film Festival in 2017.


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